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Counseling Services and Social Workers

Featured Adoption Counselors

Adoption Network Law Center
Adoption Network Law Center, a leading legal practice servicing Birthmothers and Adoptive Parents throughout the United States, will conquer your fears and guide you through adoption with comfort, trust and honesty. Nationwide, domestic adoption services without the red tape. agca10m

Beacon House Services
Full service adoption agency licensed in Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi. Domestic adoptions, home studies and post placement services, and international programs in Guatemala, China, Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. Re-accredited in Russia for 2005. Non-profit, 50(c)(3) corporation.

Adoption Center for Family Building
Adoption Center for Family Building is a non-profit adoption agency specializing in domestic adoptions. The agency is licensed in both Illinois and Indiana. We offer a progressive, enlightened approach to adoption.  Most of our professional counselors have personal experience with adoption.  Many birthparents prefer an open adoption: choosing the adoptive family themselves; getting to know them and remaining in contact following the placement.  All counseling and placement services are free to birthparents.  The agency also provides domestic and international homestudies, adoption education and infant placement services to prospective adoptive families. 100818m
Casey Family Services
Specialized services for adoptive families with children between birth and eighteen years old, including counseling, support groups and workshops. Operates throughout New England.
  Center for Adoptive Families
A division of Adoptions Together, the Center is located in the Silver Springs, MD area. Its mission is to strengthen relationships created by adoption through counseling and educational programs that emphasize a wellness approach. Children's, adoptive, and birth parents' programs and counseling.

Christian Family Services
For more than 60 years, Christian Family Services, a non-profit agency, has been licensed by the State of Michigan. We provide unplanned pregnancy counseling, a domestic adoption program, facilitation of designated adoptions, assistance with adoption of state wards and independent home studies services for both domestic and international adoptions.

Heaven Sent Adoption Services, Inc.
Assisting anyone interested in adoption through two programs. Agency: licensed non-profit child placing agency in Michigan providing services to Expectant parents and Adoptive families. Referral Program: providing homestudy complete families in the US with referrals to available situations.agmi830y
Dr. Judith Lee
Compassionate and dedicated private adoption with Dr. Judith Lee. A clinical social worker, adoptive mother of two, and founder and former executive director of a very successful domestic adoption agency she offers the best possible way to have a successful private domestic adoption.

Building Blocks Adoption Services, Inc.
Building Blocks Adoption is a Christian International adoption agency. We have assisted thousands of families with building their families through adoption: from the U.S., Russia, Ukraine, Guatemala, Kazakhstan, China and Panama.  We have traveled to the foreign countries, played with the children and provided humanitarian aid. ag80420y

Lifetree Adoption Agency
Lifetree is dedicated to our Birthmothers, their Child and the Adoptive Parents. We offer personal and confidential counseling 24 hours a day, medical care and individualized Adoption Plans. We're not the largest and that's because we want to spend more time with you! We are here for you now and after placement.
A Act of Love Adoption Agency
A Act of Love is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, licensed adoption agency, in the state of Utah, offering full adoption services for those seeking to adopt a child or those considering placing their child for adoption. Act of Love focuses primarily on domestic infant adoptions with an emphasis on providing excellent individualized service. Act of Love is well known in the adoption field for the special treatment they give to birth mothers and adoptive families. Birth Parents receive the care and attention to help them with their adoption plan and adoptive families do not have to wait as long as many other agencies to find a new addition to their family. Act of Love has strong corporate leadership and has several connections with other adoption agencies, adoption lawyers, and other adoption professionals in order to meet the needs of all involved. It is one of our foremost goals to help adoptive families, birth parents and the community.

 Washington D.C.
The Center for Adoption Support and Education offers counseling, consultation, and seminars for adoptive families, adult adoptees, and birth parents. Washington, DC area.